"I’m much obliged to Mea Music Education Abord to build a bridge for the kids learning music to connect the world. We are a Chinese family and have a kid learning music. Music is the common language of human beings crossing national boundaries and race. Kids learning music need a bridge to connect the world to contact, learn multi historic and music cultures, expand their visions, accumulate knowledge, harmonize music organically, and finally transmit them to the mass in the form of music. On the basis of this idea, we find Mea Music Education Abord. During the process of contacting Mea, we find it more and more that Mea is a very professional music institution, because its teachers are rigorous and earnest committed themselves to find and cultivate kids with music talents, communicate with the parents in patience, comprehend characteristics of each kid carefully and patiently, and plan a whole set of complete and professional development schedule for the kids, including schools and teachers applicable to kids’ characteristics. We are so lucky to meet Mea, and are very thankful to Mea for building a bridge for the kid to connect the world for music studies."

Zhang yi yang, Cello Student.