acces exam music university europe

Access Exams Preparation
Dates for Entrance Exams Dates for all Music Universities and Conservatories 

private music lesson university professor

Private classes, Coachings and Video Feedbacks with University Professors 

theory exam preparation for music university

Preparation for Music Theory Access Exam

audition training, audition tour

Audition Training and Professional Development Programs

competition, masterclass, summer programms for classical musicians

Masterclasses / Summer Programs

language courses

  Language Courses

music teachers training

Teaching Abroad
Masterclasses and Workshops Abroad:
Includes Teachers from Universities and Music Institutions from Europe and the United States 

vienna for musicians and music students

Individual Points:
Practice room, Alodgments,
Airport pick-up, Translator, Insurance
Recommend a Visa lawyer for Visa Rrequest
Medical Care Insurance

The United States

Application Procedures in USA Universities Service.
CV and Cover Letters for American Universities Service

Austrian Highschools

Application Procedures at Austrian Highschools and Elite Private Schools and Relocation

Online Coaching

Arts Administrations Program,
Career Advising Online