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Long Qin, Sylvia Saavedra-Edelmann, Evelyn Schörkhuber

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Based in Vienna, Sylvia Saavedra Edelmann has been teaching, guiding and producing for young opera singers in Europe and Asia since she founded Ottoedelmannsociety, Plusopera and Otto Edelmann Singing Competition as well as teaching at the International Summer Academy (ISA-MDW), at The Vienna Summer Music Festival (VSMF) and organizing a Young Singers Program for Seefstpiele Mörbisch.

Evelyn Schoerkhuber is an Austrian musician and based in Vienna, Austria. She is giving lectures and masterclasses for young opera singers and chamber musicians all over the world and is the Artistic Director of the Austrian Summer Music Festival.
Together with Qin Long and Silvia Saavedra Edelmann she is a co-founder and managing partner of MEA.

music education abroad

We are three professional working women based in Vienna, Austria who have many years of experience in the music education world.  We know what it is like to choose a professional music career and study in a foreign country.  We recognize the importance of building a vast network of professionals, developing a familiarity with various musical institutions, and making contacts with professors for lessons.  Additionally, we know it is vital to find a good pianist and an excellent practice room or an apartment with practice facilities.  

Because of our many years of experience dealing with foreign students from all over the world, we are uniquely qualified to give advice on the requirements and expectations in regards to auditions, entrance exams, music theory, choosing the right repertoire, appropriate dress code, and many other issues that arise in the music industry.  We want to offer our guidance and support services to help students transition into a new and exciting chapter of their lives.  

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Entrance Exam Package

- MAIN SUBJECT classes with a Professor of the faculty you would like to study

- MUSIC THEORY, optional classes with a Professor for music theory for the preparation of the music theory exam