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Music Education Abroad

International Music Education

Why you should consult us and not just look for a teacher yourself? Our criteria is based on a deep professional knowledge of the levels required by our teachers and by the university programs in the different European and American institutions. Only we can advise you, whether you are a candidate for enrollment in a University, a Conservatory, a private educational institution. Even if you just want to receive lessons from a qualified teacher as a hobby or to perfect your technique and style, we are the right choice to advise you. Only we know what level you are at and we will advise you on what would be the right teaching for you. This way we prevent you from wasting your money and we provide our collaborators/teachers working with the best students for them. As you can see on our website our wide range of teachers trust our criteria and that is the reason why they have accepted to work together with us. We wish with our agency that both, you and your teacher, will be properly advised and guided, out of love and honesty with our collaborators, clients and also because we believe in a better future where students coming from other countries will be channelled towards the centers and musical teachings adequate to their levels. We will help you to make your dream come true.


Let Us Help You To Make Your Music Study Dreams Come True

music education abroad

We are three professional working women based in Vienna, Austria who have many years of experience in the music education world.  We know what it is like to choose a professional music career and study in a foreign country.  We recognize the importance of building a vast network of professionals, developing a familiarity with various musical institutions, and making contacts with professors for lessons.  Additionally, we know it is vital to find a good pianist and an excellent practice room or an apartment with practice facilities.  

Because of our many years of experience dealing with foreign students from all over the world, we are uniquely qualified to give advice on the requirements and expectations in regards to auditions, entrance exams, music theory, choosing the right repertoire, appropriate dress code, and many other issues that arise in the music industry.  We want to offer our guidance and support services to help students transition into a new and exciting chapter of their lives.